Multi-year Flat Rate Plan needed to accelerate IoT adoption in India

Billions of things are waiting to be connected in India. But things, as we know, are not people! Hence tariffs which are affordable for you and me are not applicable when we talk of connecting things. What kind of things (animals included!) are we talking about? Electricity Meters, Street Lights, Traffic Lights, Pets, Animals, Dustbins, Tractors, Machines, Bicycles, Refrigerators, and the hundreds of others.

People guzzle data, people constantly bother the telco for various issues people face. Things, on the other hand, just sip data, and hence are a lot easier to manage- telco networks need to provide a little data to keep billions of things happy and connected- no voice, no broadband. Simple, right?

Hence the Flat Rate makes a lot of sense– Europe is doing this since the past several years- When will India?

Check out Rupees 800 for 10 years, flat!

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