Delhi’s Environment Crisis: Industry 4.0 can help reduce pollution in Indian cities

And save a ton of taxpayer’s money as well!

  • Cities consume a lot of energy
  • Industry 4.0 principles saves energy
  • I4.0 can be applied to cities as well
  • Saves environment and money big-time!
    • Millions of Kgs of CO2
    • 100’s of crores of taxpayer money

Delhi has more than a million street lights. For an urban sprawl like the National Capital Region, double this number. Add to these several lakhs of motors, pumps, STPs and fans which guzzling power to make our lives livable on a day-to-day basis. And over time create havoc for us.

In every home, office, factory or institution power consumption is tightly monitored to keep them competitive and meet the budgets. Industries keep a tight control on energy consumption, hence the genesis of energy management in commercial establishments and the energy control hawk (dad / mom) at home (who can easily outperform the best energy management system J)!

But who cares about the consumption of the city? I am sure a lot of engineers in the municipal corporation, but who are we kidding? Every time I see street lights (10’s and may be 100’s) glowing in sunlight, I can see my tax money evaporating. The irony is that most of these street lights are energy efficient LED ones. J

We must apply Industry 4.0 principles to run our cities. The investment is small but the leverage on the environment and costs are huge.

Let’s do a back of the envelope number crunching: 2M lights of 100W switched off for 1 hour each day means 0.2M units saved each day. At ₹ 5 a unit, this translates to a saving of ₹1M each day, 365M each year! Rupees 36 crore of citizen’s money!

And 60 Million Kgs of CO2 saved every year! And this is just considering street lights switched ON for one hour less each day in NCR!

Adopt Industry 4.0 for our cities and save the planet!

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