Zuno®-Monitor helps cut the flab in your productivity

What is the first step towards a healthier you? No, it is not buying that one-year subscription at the gym. Rather your weight loss journey starts in your bathroom on the scale which you have ignored for so long. People successful at weight management keep an eye on the scale very regularly.

Just like your journey towards a leaner you starts with the recognition of the problem and measurement of the extent of it, your organisation too needs to identify where the flab lies.  Zuno®-M is the weighing scale which your organisation needs. The maintenance person’s exasperation in keeping costs in check is an indicator that underlines this crucial difference between well-run organisation and an also-ran organisation.

Today all your measuring and process equipment generate a ton of digital data. Zuno®-M brings it all together with ease and at affordable cost. Zuno®-M is on the cloud and scalable.

Back in 2006, Clive Humbly had said that ‘data is the new oil’, and the subsequent decade has set the trend firmly making this observation an apt analogy but also turned it into an unheaded platitude.  How can you make sense of the data?

-        Very often Process Data is lost on process completion. Zuno®-M will connect to the process equipment and store relevant data for reference and analysis

-        Energy & Utility data are key to any establishment, be it a factory, a retail outlet, a multi-location organisation, a warehouse or a port. Zuno®-M will connect to the devices over the wide-reaching  GSM network effortlessly and get the details from any location across the country or the globe

-        Correlation of Operations Data with Process Data and Energy & Utility data will plug in wastage and inefficiency to add to your bottom-line

-        In conjunction with Zuno®-Schedule®, Zuno®-M can take action for energy conservation remotely and automatically

Like Humbly said, data is indeed the new oil…but are you prospecting? J

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