Fighting Covid19, the IOT way

Contact & sport go hand in hand. But Covid19 has challenged our notion of something as human as a game. Games like soccer and cricket cannot be played without contact- that's a given. But tech makes games like chess more interesting. Today, millions of chess games are played between players on web and apps honing the skills of players and entertaining the spectators. AI based players today duel and entertain humans routinely and whether you like it or not, converted it into a single player game. If technology can improve something as complicated as a game of chess, why can't it improve your organisation’s productivity? Is it not far simpler? And must a Covid19 interrupt your organisation to this extent?

Well, the answer lies is a digital organisation. 

Post Covid19 pandemic, several long entrenched practices will need a rethink. One in particular is our blind belief that business processes need touch-points. Pre Covid19, we considered touch-points a Holy Grail, core in operations, maintenance and marketing. We took pride in increasing touch-points and considered it human by design. We assumed touch-points unavoidable without questioning it. But we can do better!

For example the Pyrios Zuno® platform based automation can mitigate disruptions small and large.